Saturday, June 5, 2010

Graduation 2010

Today was graduation and it was hot. Ha, I know, it is a welcome change from this winter but when you put a few hundred people into a high school gym and you put a 6 month pregnant girl in there with them, temperatures start rising. Normally graduation would have been outside but we were forecasted to get thunderstorms today so to play it safe, we were inside. And it was hot.

I am off now to chaperone Safe Graduation. The parents of the seniors have been fundraising all year, and planning an all-night party for the graduates. The first half of the night is a mystery trip (in Boston... I hear it is a cruise) and the second half of the night is back in town at a community center. I will only be attending the first half of the night, as midnight is way too late for me these days. It should be fun. The kids are generally well behaved for these things (they better be because we don't have any consequences for them!) and hopefully it is a good group of kids going. Wish me luck!

blue scarf- gifted from a friend
strapless purple/blue dress- Walmart $10
black flip flops- J Crew $12


  1. love the dress -- the fact it's from walmart makes it even better!

  2. Congratulations on making it through graduation! You look radiant and I am loving that dress.

  3. I love the colors in that dress!
    Cara from IFB


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