Sunday, May 23, 2010

Peace baby

One of the nicest things about Damien and I having our first baby this year is that so many of our friends are too. It wasn't planned that way, just ended up working out like that. Max is going to have so many friends before he is even born! Today, I spent the morning at a baby shower for some good friends that are due in June. It was a nice shower and she got a lot of great stuff. They are not finding out what they are having so it is even more exciting. We can't wait to meet baby Vahey!

Lizzie got me this cute onesie from a fair trade shop in Providence. This isn't the best picture of it so I will have Damien do a better one later on. It says Peace Baby on it and is 100% organic cotton. So adorable. These are the teething rings that one of my students made me. They came out so well and I love the shapes of them. I can already tell that Max is going to be a little spoiled....

blue scarf- gifted from friend
pearl earrings and necklace- gift from Damien
purple bracelet- gifted from friend
purple striped dress- Target $21
silver shoes- Old Navy $4


  1. That's so sweet that your students made you teething rings for the baby. You look adorable in that dress, you're just glowing. I can't even imagine how excited you must be for the baby to arrive!

  2. I love your pregnant look!!Everything must be so exciting and beautigul to you...It´s great!!XOXO


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