Monday, May 24, 2010

Just another manic Monday...

Max has been kicking so much lately. I love to feel it. I really thought Damien would be able to feel a few of the kicks last night but still nothing. It is going to be so exciting once he can finally feel them.

Not too much going on here today. I am happy to have another Monday (nearly) behind me...

white/grey striped cardigan- Target $12
orange maternity tank- Old Navy maternity (borrowed from friend)
green cargo maternity pants- H&M $15 (sale)
black flip flops- J Crew $12


  1. is it just me or is there a hole in the bottom of your $12 flip flops?

  2. I couldnt even tell you were pregnant! Until I read it and then started looking for the baby bump! Your pictures and outfits are fabulous!!


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