Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Do you want to know a secret?

Ok, so I have to admit something. I have had these flip flops for so long that I have literally worn a hole through them. Yes, a legitimate hole and yet I continue to wear them. The thing is, they are the most comfortable flip flops I own and I can't bear to get rid of them. I know I could spend the $12 and get myself a new pair but no one would ever have known if someone hadn't called me out on it (thanks Dan!) So now you know my secret. Just don't tell anyone.

Damien and I went to Ikea last night because we needed to get some more wood for our nearly finished basement floor. While there, we of course strolled through the entire store, picking out some new things and making final decisions on others. We now know exactly what couch, office desk, chair and cubbies we are getting for the basement. We also spent sometime in the baby section and picked out our crib, which we already had an idea about (so we can do this to it!) and changing table. We also decided on definite colors (a really nice modern blue, orange, black and white, with a hint of lime green!) Our best find was a light that had the letters A X at the top, which we couldn't pass up. Damien is also working on getting his MAX design printed and framed. I can't wait to be out of school to spend some real time working on all of this exciting stuff!

pink/black tank- Marshalls $12
black tank- Marshalls $6
skinny dark maternity jeans- H&M $15 (on sale)
black flip flops (with hole)- J Crew $12


  1. lols. they still look good. how's your baby doing?

  2. i know. my favorite flip flops are disgusting...the print on the footbed is all worn off and the soles are white, so they are completely dirty and stained...but i can't stop wearing them!!! i vowed that i was buying a new pair this year, but i haven't seen any i like as well as my old ones, so until then, i'm just going to keep wearing them--gross or not!!!


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