Monday, March 29, 2010

School appropriate and not-so school appropriate

Once again, another week has gone by with no posts. Man, sometimes it is just so hard to fit everything into the day. Last week is a blur but we had a nice weekend. Our good friends had a benefit on Friday night to raise money for the Susan Komen 3 day Walk to Cure Cancer. She is doing the walk in July so they hosted a pink night at a local bar. It was the first time we had gone out to a bar since being pregnant and it is quite a different experience. I am normally one of the first people on the dance floor but there is something about not having a single drink that puts the awkwardness back into dancing. So, we didn't do any dancing. But we had a nice time and they raised $3500! What a great cause.

Saturday we were back to Ikea to pick up our flooring for the basement. It is coming along so great and we can't wait to be done. We have all the furniture picked out, we are just waiting until the room is done before we bring it all home. It is all from Ikea, of course, and I can't wait to share it. We stayed in Saturday night and watched another marathon of Mad Men. We are so addicted now.

Yesterday was spent grocery shopping, cleaning, doing laundry and just picking up around the house. Then we made dinner and caught up on some 30 rock and The Office. All in all, a great end to a nice weekend.

Today was back to work, but we have Friday off so the week is pretty short. Many people commented on my outfit today. I guess they aren't used to me in dress pants and a button down. I didn't think it was that far off from how I normally dress but I guess I was wrong.

Hope you all have a great week and survive this rain!

outfit 1
blue button down- Wet Seal $15
tan dress pants- Charlotte Russe- $29
blue shoes- Target $12

outfit 2
pink tank- Marshalls $5
distressed skinny jeans- Wet Seal- $30
grey boots- F21 $22
black flower headband- F21 $4


  1. It really is so hard to find that balance between life and blogging. I don't know how I'm going to do it with everything on my plate in the coming months. I canNOT wait to see the finished room! Happy Monday!

    PS Pink is SO your color!

  2. I love your classy school look!


  3. You look great!!! and CONGRATULATIONS!!! i am excited to see you as a mommy- one hot mommy i might add:)

  4. hey, wait a sec! are you standing on my Dan Winters book?! ha.

  5. ooooo! can't wait to see your basement! we're definitely going to need to renovate ours in a few years. have you been doing all the work yourselves?

  6. Um, the first pic of you in the pink made me say "where's the rest of her leg?"

    Is that weird?

    Miss you!

    Did you know I blog? :)


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