Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blue shirt for a blue sky!

Today was so nice outside. So nice. I hope we don't get spoiled. Regardless, I am enjoying it now, even if it isn't here to stay. But, man do I hope that it is. It was a relatively uneventful day today. No fights, which is always a good thing. I did get to go for a nice walk with a friend after work, which is always great. One, it is exercise and two, since we work together, we always have a lot to talk about. And today was no different.

I was reading jenloveskev today and as many of you know, she is pregnant too. In fact, we are only about 3 weeks apart in our pregnancies. She was writing about the time in between doctor's visits and how tough they can be, especially in the beginning months. I couldn't agree with her more. I mean, there really is no indication either way of what is going on inside your belly. My doctor said I may not show for another month or so and even then, it's awhile before you start feeling anything. Our next apt is April 6 and I can't wait. Just 3 more weeks!

blue faux leather jacket- Wet Seal $30
turquoise sweater- Charlotte Russe $? old
blue belt- gift from Damien
blue plaid skirt- Wet Seal $5
leggings- Charlotte Russe $5
tan booties- F21 $22


  1. Good good, it seems like spring is comming!!I´m so exciting!And how cool is that you and other blogger are pregnant at the same time!I will visit her blog too.

  2. This color is completely fabulous on you - so so flattering! Glad you have blogger friends to share this whole experience with :)

  3. I love the outfit. You look so happy! It must be nice to have someone you can relate to with your pregnancy. I can't imagine how exciting it must be! I'm glad you had a more mellow day with no fights!

  4. glad you didn't have to break up any more fights. that was worrisome. looking very pretty in those blues.

  5. hi!!! thanks so much for your comment!!! it's so fun to know other "moms" who are trying to stay vegetarian through their pregnancies. i feel like some people just don't understand vegetarianism in general, but it seems to particularly freak them out when you're pregnant (i've had a couple people make me feel like i'm already abusing the twins just b/c i won't eat meat!!!).

    anyway...i'm adding you to my 'follow' list and can't wait to hear more about your pregnancy! xo


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