Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A long work week

And it's only Wednesday! As most of you know, the high school where I work went to a trimester schedule this year. And it has been a lot of work. We are about to start final exams again, next week, and then a whole new set of classes the week after that. Plus, our annual Student Council conference for the state of MA is Wednesday through Friday of next week. Luckily, I am able to give my exams early so I don't have to worry about having a sub give my final exams for me. But, it also means that all my work has to be done before I go. Ugh. So I have been at work til after 5:00 pm this so far this week. And it's only Wednesday!

I wanted to be comfy today and found this shirt in my closet. It used to be one of my favorites but I have kind of forgotten about it lately. I like the color combo/neutral tones of the outfit. What do you think?

denim jacket- F21
cream shirt- Target $20
pink satin tank- F21 $18
brown skinny pants- Express $40
tan booties- F21 $22


  1. I agree - how is it only Wednesday??? Good luck with exams!

    And I love the way you wore the sweater over the shirt. A great way to get some color while still staying warm!


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