Monday, March 1, 2010

Off to a good start

So the fact that today is a Monday and I actually did a self-style shot and I'm posting it means that I am already way ahead of where I have been the last few weeks. I just am so sick of the indoor shots (and now with my house in disarray as we finish off our basement) that I can't wait to be outdoors. But, my yard is still covered in snow, not pretty snow, but late February, early March snow. So indoors it is. I did hear that it is supposed to be nice this weekend...

Damien and I had a nice weekend. We hung out at a friend's house Friday night and then met up with one of my oldest and best friends in Boston for Afghani food Saturday night. We had a nice time catching up and had great conversation. Sunday was spent kind of lounging around the house, with the kitties on my lap. It was a great day.

I really love this dress and haven't worn it in awhile. Since it is still cold out and I never know what the temp will be in school, I wore this denim jacket all day long. I like the way it pairs with the dress and love the color combo with the purple tights.

Hope you all have a great week!

dress- F21 $22
denim jacket- old (F21?)
purple knit tights- Walmart $5
purple shoes- Target $12 (clearance)


  1. I like the denim jacket with the dress too. I think it adds just the right touch. Adorable!

  2. nice denim :)

    and so nice choice! :)

  3. this is really pretty, the denim is the perfect touch.

  4. Sarah, that dress is so pretty! Great idea to add the denim and purple tights too!


  5. i love that little floral print with the denim


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