Friday, January 22, 2010

Too much purple?

So I might have overdone it today with the purple. I don't think I realized it while I was getting dressed, half awake this morning. I love the purple bow with the purple shirt but the shoes may have been overkill. Oh well. As I mentioned in earlier posts this past week or so, I have been running low on ideas in my closet. Funny how some days getting dressed is just way easier than others, even when nothing has changed in my closet. I am really looking forward to this weekend, mainly because we don't have any plans. Dinner tonight with some friends and tomorrow, off to the apple store to get me a new iPhone (mine just keeps shutting off and I can't get it back on and it is less than 3 months old!) Other than that, just staying warm and hanging out with Damien. Oh, and the kitties. Hope you all have a nice weekend!

purple bow- F21 a couple of bucks
black faux leather moto jacket- F21 $30
black shrug- F21 $15
purple tank- Target?
brown belt- thrifted $1
dark skinny jeans- F21 $12
purple shoes- Target $10
black gloves- Target $17
multi-colored scarf- gift from Damien


  1. I think you look very cute! In fact, I think that matching the shoes too make te look a point of "originality" very cool. (No sé si me explico). Cute and chic! And I specially love the lovely headband!
    Have a nice weekend!xoxo

  2. Not at all... you are the purple girl. If I'm the black and gray girl, yours is purple. I love all the purples in this ensemble. xoxo

  3. I think the purple looks great on you, it's definitely not overdone. I love that black jacket too!

  4. I like the purple. The belt and scarf add a nice splash of color.

  5. I think you have enough additional colors complimenting the purple that it's not overkill. So no I don't think it is.

  6. pretty colors! that scarf is so cute.

  7. i think its not overdone. the purple is lovely. I especially love the scarf! :)

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  8. There is no such thing as too much purple!

  9. I love the purple. This reminds me that I don't wear enough of it. Great headband too!

  10. I don't think you can ever wear too much purple :) I feel like the scarf evens it all out with all its pretty colors :)

  11. You can never wear too much purple, in my opinion! I love this outfit and I think by wearing the scarf with all those amazing colors helps everything blend in nicely together.



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