Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm back!

Wow! It seems like forever ago that I did a post (well, it kind of was!) But I am hoping to be better the next few weeks. I feel like I have gotten a little lazy with my outfits and therefore haven't felt as compelled to do a self-style shot (plus I seem to run out of time everyday). Doing my pictures forces me to be more creative and not rely on the same old things all of the time. I also want to get back into the habit of being able to comment on all of my favorite blogs. I have been reading (or at least looking) at many posts this past week or so but haven't had the time to comment.

Damien and I had a wonderful weekend in Vermont and we both had Monday off as well (actually, I had it off and Damien took it off). Then yesterday was a professional development day at school so no kiddos for us. It was a technology day and I got stuck in the session on blogging. It was kind of funny since it was all about how to use blogger. It did give me some time to start a blog for my classes, which I have been meaning to do. All in all, it wasn't a bad day. I was back in the swing of things today with classes. Luckily Friday is only 2 days away. We have parent-teacher night tomorrow night so it will be another busy day. But, next week is my birthday and I can't wait! Damien, my mom and I all took the day off to head out to western MA to visit one of my brothers. It should be a fun time.

My pics in today's post are from today and last Friday (dress-down-Friday). I just didn't get to post Friday's before heading up to VT.

On a sad note: To my home state of Massachusetts... what were you thinking?

outfit 1-
pink cardigan- F21 $18
denim shirt- F21 $4
blue scarf- F21 $4
blue belt- gift from Damien
brown skinny pants- Express $30
brown shoes- old?

outfit 2-
green cardigan- Target $12
plaid shirt- Walmart $12
jeans- Levis (hand-me-downs)
brown/grey booties- F21 $22


  1. Oh I just love that fuscia number in your first picture! I have a green sweater with similar sleeves and I just looooove it too :)

    And I totally agree about Massachusetts. Sad :(

  2. I love the combination of blue and fuschia in your first outfit.

    Glad to have you back Sarah! I miss you! xoxo

  3. I'm loving the way you belted that shirt in the first outfit. It's incredibly flattering on you. And that comfy sweater over the plaid looks very Katie Holmes to me for some reason lol That's a good thing!

    And I loved what you said about marriage in your comment on my blog. I am definitely loving this book and it has already taught me so much - maybe not taught as much as clarified. So glad you and your hubby have such a good, open relationship!

  4. I love your belt!

    I've been to professional days that taught us how to use Microsoft Word . . . seriously, does anyone not know how to use that now? That's awesome that you're starting a blog for your class though.

    I'm super disappointed by the vote too. Hope your day with the students went well today, and thank you for your comments on my blog!

  5. i looove the colors in the first look and since i am mad for plaid, i love the second too:) welcome back

  6. Thank you for your encouraging words about the crazy orange shorts I sported earlier this week!!

    I looove that green cardigan in the second outfit! Our target doesn't have it :( I think I know Target's inventory by heart! haha

  7. love the color combo in the first pic! and that you're standing on your table. hehe :)

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