Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm feeling blah...

But tomorrow is my birthday so I need to snap out of it! I apologize for the lack of self-style pics in this post but all of my pictures have been coming out terribly lately so I am in desperate need of some inspiration. My mom, Damien and I all took tomorrow off to head out to western MA to spend some time with my oldest brother. I am super excited to hang out and eat good food. Last year was my 30th birthday and Damien threw me a masquerade ball! It was so much fun and well documented so here are some pics from last year's festivities. Hope you all have a wonderful day!


  1. Your smile is beautiful! You should do that more often in your pics. Happy Birthday!

  2. Early happy birthday!!!!! I love the masquerade masks...I've always wanted a party themed with masks, but these are so fitting with mardi gras coming up!

    Enjoy your birthday.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!Hope you have a great day and loads of presents!!
    That masquerade it´s great!!!
    I have a giveaway in my blog!



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