Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's my birthday...

and I'll smile if I want to! Ha, ha, I know I should smile more in my self-style pics since my serious ones are, well, serious and sometimes I look downright sad. I generally smile in pictures, just not ones I am taking of myself, on my front porch, alone. But since it was my birthday today (!!!) I decided that I didn't care if I looked like a fool. If anyone asked, at least I had a good excuse to smile. Plus, I wasn't as worried about the kids that live in my neighborhood seeing me since they were all at school and I wasn't. As I mentioned yesterday, Damien, my mom, and I all took the day off and headed out to Great Barrington, MA to see my brother John. We had a great day which consisted of eating great vegan food, buying more great vegan food and taking a nice long drive and mini-hike. It was cold today but the sun kept poking through so it made for the perfect day.

Damien gave me these AMAZING photos that he took of the kitties. Think kitty glamour-shots. Ha, seriously though. I love them. He had them framed and all and I can't wait to hang them up. I will have him get some good pics of them and I will post them later this week.

So I already know that I am going to wear a variation of this outfit tomorrow. I am so loving this top. I found it at this wonderful consignment store at the Providence Place Mall called Second Time Around. They were having a huge sale this weekend and most of their items were 70% off. I picked up this top, a dress, a sweater and another top all for $34. If you live in the area, you should check them out. I will definitely be headed back there to scope out some other great finds.

Enjoy the rest of my birthday!!!!

jacket- old?
top- thrifted $13
grey top- F21 old?
distressed jeans- Wet Seal $24
tan cloth boots- Charlotte Russe $20
yellow gloves- gift from my mom
blue beaded necklace- gift from Damien's mom


  1. Happy birthday! I am so glad that I don't live on the same side of town as my school. I couldn't bare to see them in my personal space! LOL

    Love that jacket!

  2. Happy Birthday! :)

  3. Happy birthday! Love your outfit.

    - JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

  4. Happy Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day!

  5. Your dining room is stylish as hell!

    Happy Birthday. Sorry I kind of delved away from your blog, then I saw you commented on mine and I was like "Oh yeah! I like her!".

  6. P.s. I only delved away because I am having trouble keeping track.

  7. Every time I stalk you, I mean, drive by, I look to see if you're outside taking pictures of yourself. ;)

  8. A very happy birthday to you! I love the stripes with the jacket. Very cute.

  9. happy birthday! I am in love with that jacket! you look fabulous :) great to see your smiling face.

  10. happy belated birthday! hope you guys had a great day (it sounds like it!) thanks for the birthday wishes on my end!

  11. Happy birthday! Definitely a reason to smile!

  12. Happy (belated) birthday! You have a lovely smile!

  13. Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a great day!


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