Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snow squall

Maybe it is because I don't ever pay attention to the weather or maybe it is because the shades in my classroom were pulled down for most of the afternoon, but either way, I had no idea that it was supposed to and did snow today. I went to leave school and there were a few inches on the ground. I certainly hadn't planned my outfit accordingly. I did keep my word from yesterday and found another look that I was happy with from this great new top. A few of my students told me that they have the same skirt. Always funny. I like how the black elastic part of the skirt came right up to the bottom of the shirt. Oh, and that great necklace that I wore yesterday from Damien's mom broke before the day was over. I am on the lookout for a way to mend it. I am excited for the weekend. Damien invited a bunch of friends over to hang out on Saturday night (kind of for my birthday but more just to have an excuse to hang out). And we only have 2 full weeks of school until February break. I can't believe how quickly time goes by...

top- thrifted $13
black moto jacket- F21 $30
black beaded necklace- old
denim skirt- Marshalls
pink tights- Target $5
black shoes- old
yellow gloves- gift from my mom


  1. I love that you wear such bold colors during the gloomiest time of the year for us midwesterners. Not too many of us do it and should. :)

  2. I m a little late, but Happy Birthday!! I love your skirt!

  3. Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Sarah! Oh I had the same problem with my outfit this morning- totally didn't listen to the weather, left with 4 inch heels, and by the time I got home everything was icy. I had to get my bf to bring me down boots so I could get out of the car. LOL Oops!

    Anyways, inspite of the weather, this outfit is adorable. I love the raspberry color with the denim skirt and those gloves are still my favorite. Have fun this wkend!


  4. Love the pic of you eating the snow. Miss you! xoxoxo (happy belated bday love!)

  5. really like the "snow-motion" in the first pic.

  6. cute outfit. love all the colors. i love the snowy pic! so pretty.

  7. I am dying over those pink tights! The shade of pink is just perfect - especially up against that gorgeous blue skirt.

    You're not the only one who disregards the weather every morning. It was in the teens yesterday and I left the house in an oversized sweater and a scarf - no jacket :) I couldn't find a jacket that looked good over the sweater, so I just didn't wear one lol

  8. I love the colors you've got going on here...esp in the snow. reminds us it is OKAY to dress happily even in the winter (i often resort to blacks and grays)...


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