Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Professor for a day

I really felt like today I was a professor. Not a teacher, but a master at something because of my tweed wool coat. It was actually my late grandmother's and when my mom was going through all of her old clothing, I grabbed it and another like it and an adorable sweater. I haven't been wearing my glasses lately (I can't wear them with headbands!) so today I did my hair differently (I used to to do it like this everyday) and put on my tweed wool coat and my glasses and headed off to work. I wish I had a briefcase since today would have been the perfect day to carry one. I had a department meeting after school and now I have to run and change into really warm clothing because we are headed to a football game. Our team made it to playoffs and the first game is tonight and man is it going to be cold. So that is all for today. Adios!

tweed wool coat- my grammy
tan cap sleeve sweater- Charlotte Russe $20
grey turtleneck- ?
brown skinny pants- Express $50
purple shoes- Target
grey/pink plaid scarf- F21
brown leather gloves- my grammy


  1. Miss Professor, I love you purple shoes.

  2. you are the master of this outfit. that's for certain:)

  3. You look wonderful, Miss Professor! I want your coat, your scarf, your gloves, your shoes... I want it all!


  4. your blog is lovely thanks for your comment on my last post! great 'professor' outfit - you look absolutely academic :)


  5. Love the jacket/scarf combo! :)

  6. I love a good wool blazer like that for Fall!

  7. I like your hair like this a lot. And that tweed jacket is such a classic! Love it!

  8. Great blazer! As an academic, I have to say that you look a great deal more put together than some of my colleagues.



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