Monday, November 30, 2009

First day of classes, again

It seems like only yesterday (it was 12 weeks ago, in fact) that I was posting about my nerves of going back to work and starting a new school year with new classes and new students and a new schedule. Well, here I am all over again, with the same nerves of new classes new students and a new schedule. We officially started our second trimester today and with that came a whole new schedule to learn. Most of us were unhappy with the schedule that we had this past trimester (not to mention how much we don't like the trimester itself) so now we have a new one. So honestly, I have no idea which classes meet when. It shouldn't take me all that long to learn it. And I am excited about my new classes. The students all seem very sweet and for the most part, happy to be there. What more can I ask for, right?

I was so exhausted from this weekend that I wasn't feeling all that creative this morning. I got dressed half-asleep but I love the color combo of this outfit. Blue and yellow are so nice together. I hope you all had a good Monday and enjoy the rest of your week. Be sure to check back this week since I will be hosting my first giveaway ever!!! More details to come...

blue button down- Wet Seal $18
yellow faux snakeskin belt- F21
blue corduroys- Delias $30
faux snakeskin kitten heels- Target


  1. Yellow adds cheerfulness to your outfit so it isn't obvious that you felt weary.

  2. Glad to hear you are starting a new schedule! Its a good time too, so that you don't fall into a rut right before christmas and get antsy for break! I hope you are learning all the classes and having fun with your students! I still think even though you were feeling tired ( me too this week!) that the outfit is pretty fantastic. That yellow is so pretty on you, and just stands our really well. I like the monochrome look of the blue denim and blue top cut by the brightness of the belt. For a simple outfit it looks pretty great!


  3. I'm glad to hear that this trimester is off to a great start! And I agree with Megan - for feeling tired, you look amazing! And that belt is so awesome.


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