Sunday, November 29, 2009

Class of '99 reunion

So last night was Damien's 10 year high school class reunion. Such a strange concept which I only imagine gets stranger over the years. I had mine 2 years ago and hardly anyone showed up. According to facebook, however, this one was going to be much better attended. I was trying to plan my outfit all day long. Since it wasn't my reunion, I was having a hard time deciding what I wanted to wear. Casual? Dressy? Something in between? I picked out an outfit just as my friend Lauren (who also happened to graduate with Damien) called to see if I was wearing jeans. I wasn't, I told her, and offered my closet to her. I then did my self-style shots, still feeling good about the ensemble I had put together. We were having people over before the reunion so we could all travel the half hour together. When Lauren showed up, in jeans, I started to second guess my outfit. Then when Lizzie showed up in jeans, I changed. I wasn't really feeling the second outfit but it was comfy and again, it wasn't my reunion so I wanted to play the part. But then, Ali showed up, and put us all to shame. At that point, I wasn't changing again and I wasn't doing another self-style shot, so we got in the car and headed off to relive the awkward high school years.

Now, one might think that being the spouse of a reunion attendee would be better if you knew most of the people from that class. You have some common ground, less small talk, you may even like most of the people in attendance. Well, all of this is true. But, let me tell you, class reunions are still awkward. Don't get me wrong, it is certainly a nice thing to see people and hear about all the different things that people are up to, who is married, who has children, who hasn't changed at all, who has, but there is still a large element of awkwardness that even the dimmest of lighting and strongest of drinks can't hide. We did, however, have a nice time. From there we headed to a bar where a classmate of Damien's was playing a show with her band. Then it was time for some late night mexican food. Crawling into bed after 2am for the second night in a row meant that I knew today would be a lazy day. And it was.

In fact, I didn't get out of my pjs until 4:40pm when I had to change to go to dinner with 2 of my former students. They were home for the week and I adore both of them. Such great young women who will do so many great things with their lives. I just know it. Tomorrow is the first day of the second trimester. Which, in a sense, is like the first day of school all over again. 40 new students this trimester for me. Luckily, 2 of my classes are the same kids from last semester. Wish me luck!

outfit 1
pink sparkle shirt with black belt- Marshalls
black leggings- Target $5
black merrill boots- Marshalls $100
black faux leather jacket- F21 $30
black gloves- Target $17
black rose earrings- F21 $5

outift 2
black shirt with white flowers- Wet Seal $18
dark skinny jeans- F21 $12
black merrill boots- Marshalls $100


  1. Love your reunion outfit...not too casual but not too dressy.

  2. i disagree... drinking made the moment less awkward, not the next day. also, i made my wife miss out on the late night mexican food so she isn't happy!

    your shot buddy.

  3. i don't do reunions. i do love your cute top with the polka dot rosettes though:)


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