Saturday, November 28, 2009

Celtics and dancing

Last night was so much fun! Damien and I spent the evening with 2 of my closest friends who both happen to live in the boston area now. Every time we see one another, we end up having the best time, laughing and just really enjoying each others' company. Damien and I drove into East Boston to meet up at Ali's apartment for 5:30. Jess drove in from North Redding sans husband since he was already in Boston at the Bruins' game. We had some drinks and pizza there and then headed into the city. I made sure to do some self-style shots (inside Ali's apartment and then outside on the street) and to get the view from Ali's place this morning. She has a kick-ass apartment!

The game was a blast and the Celtics won. We took some pics at the game; I am most proud of capturing the Celtics snuggie and Aztec Gino! From there we went out dancing. It is so nice to have a husband who dances and actually enjoys himself. We continued drinking, laughing and dancing most of the night. I never laugh as hard as when I am with these girls!!! We stayed at Ali's place and came home today. Tonight should be another great night, as it is Damien's 10th year reunion from high school. I luck out since Ali graduated with him (I married a younger man!) and my other best friend and shopping buddy Lizzie was also in that class. Damien jokes with me that I have more friends in his class than he does. I will be posting pics from tonight's festivities tomorrow. I hope you all have a wonderful fun filled (or relaxing) Saturday night!!!

pink hat- Into the Wardrobe (thrifted) $10
blue faux leather jacket- Wet Seal
grey tee- F21 $10
distressed skinny jeans- Wet Seal $24
grey boots- F21
awesome scarf to match my outfit!- borrowed from Ali
black bag- gifted from Damien's mom (originally gifted to her from Ireland)


  1. I love that Celtics snuggies. And the husband dances, that's way too cool.

  2. Those jeans are fabulous! And I love the snuggy, too!!


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