Sunday, December 20, 2009

Eric's 30th at Ralph's

A few weeks ago when we got invited to hang out with some of our favorite friends (that moved away) at our favorite bar, we were psyched. Erin put together a surprise 30th for her husband Eric at Ralph's Diner in Worcester. Before Eric and Erin moved to Arizona, the 4 of us spent a lot of time together at this bar. This is actually where Damien and I had our bachelor/bachelorette party (black and white themed!) Also, before Eric and Erin moved to Arizona, we used to do a lot together. We have the same taste in almost everything, including urban exploration (we'd go into abandoned buildings to take photos). Now, I am not trying to make them feel guilty for moving away, but we do miss them, a ton. So, last night was great. A bunch of us braved the weather and met up at Ralph's around 7pm. Actually, there was no weather to brave at that point. When Damien and I got there, the only other person, besides the bartender, that was there was Santa Claus. Yup, not kidding. I can't believe I didn't take a picture of Santa at the bar, but he did say he was coming back. He didn't.

Everyone else started showing up shortly after. Eric had no idea that the party was for him, even after we told him. We had a very fun night with them and took some great pics. Erin did an impromptu self-style photo session and here are a few of her best shots! She should start he own fashion blog! Jen and Kev, you guys were missed!

purple wool tweed blazer- my gram's
purple ruffle blouse- F21 $15
skinny jeans- F21 $24
booties- F21 $22


  1. sorry we missed out! Are you guys up for meeting on wednesday night with eric and erin?

  2. We had an awesome time too! As far as the self style shots go, I think I'll stick to reading your and Jen's blogs :)

  3. looks like fun. i love that purple on you.


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