Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas eve

Damien and I hosted our first ever Christmas eve with our families. It was a great night and we had a lot of fun playing host and hostess. The day started off way better than I had thought since I was still not done with my Christmas shopping. I figured that the plaza near our house would be packed but as I pulled in around 9am, it was really pretty empty. I finally ended up picking out Damien's gifts and I was quite happy with my final decision, snowshoes. He had no idea and was psyched about them. Once I finished up shopping for him (a comfy pair of fleece pants and a shirt to compliment his new snowshoes and poles) I decided that since it wasn't that packed there that I would check out Marshalls for any last minute deals. And boy am I glad that I did. I ended up finding some great dresses (one featured here) and a great coat. And again, it wasn't very busy there so the entire process was painless. I headed home and stopped at the grocery store to pick up some food for the evening. Once I got home, the wrapping began but I finished it all with time to spare.

Our families started showing up around 5pm and were in and out all night til about 11. We then packed up and headed to my mom's to sleep (a tradition that may never die!) Christmas day was busy, traveling from house to house but again, very fun. Damien, his mom, and my mom all got me some awesome accessories to add to my collection. My brothers got us some cool books and music and as always, my dad came through with great gifts for both Dame and me. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed time with loved ones.

blue paisley dress- Marshalls $20
gold/silver chains- Wet Seal $8
black tights- Walmart $4
grey boots- F21 $22


  1. Great mod look!
    I love your furniture!!!

    Check out my fashion blog!

  2. Sarah you look gorgeous in that dress!!!FELIZ NAVIDAD!!

  3. I love your boots, but I also like how the colors you're wearing compliment your wall colors. Great decor~

  4. Love your paisley dress and the boots too... great styling Sarah.

  5. sarah ! thanks so much for stopping by : ) i love the grey boots - who says christmas outfits have to be red right? ha, the outfit is really cute. and so is this blog ! i perused through your other photos as well and I voted - im liking this blog. Exchange links with me to make our visits a regular thing? : )

    xx lue

  6. sounds like you had a nice christmas. i am glad:) anyway your looks are reminding me that i need to get back to marshalls.


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