Monday, December 28, 2009

Hurray for big belts!

So I have to say that Damien did a pretty good job this year of getting me some great Christmas gifts. I mean, he always does a great job, but he knew that this year especially I was in the market for some new accessories. And that is exactly what I got, plus a few extra wonderful things (has anyone read The Kind Diet yet? I can't wait!) He did an awesome job of finding things that I don't already have or even some that I might not have picked out on my own but definitely love and can't wait to wear. Both of the belts in these outfits are ones that he found for me. I love the thickness of them and the colors of both of them. The bracelet is also from him. My mom must have gotten the notice that all my favorite bloggers have these yellow gloves from Target. She also got me an amazing hat from Target. I can't wait to have an occasion to wear it!

black dress- Marshalls $20
black/red/grey plaid coat- Marshalls $30
black tights- Walmart $4
red belt- gift from Damien
bracelet- gift from Damien
yellow gloves- gift from my mom
gold necklace- F21 $5
black merrill boots- Marshalls $100

blue button down shirt- Wet Seal $18
tan wool tweed coat- my gram's
brown leggings- Charlotte Russe $5
brown fringe boots- Target


  1. I love that red belt! Of course, as my blog post from yesterday indicates, I am addicted to belting!

  2. Love the red belt and the yellow gloves together... such a visual delight.

  3. Don't you love it when they know just what to get us? My bf did a pretty good job this year with the presents too. :)

    I love those belts- esp. the red one! And I need to really run out to Target now and get me some yellow gloves- they are beyond adorable!

    Glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas. Hope you have an even better New Year.


  4. Big belts are such a great way to change up an outfit. I love that it serves the purpose of an accessory and neccessity all in one!

  5. LOVE the red belt and your yellow gloves

  6. Big belts are the best!
    Love the color of your gloves.

  7. love the belts! way to go damien:)


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