Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Today, at 1:36 pm, school vacation officially started! I honestly couldn't be happier. I really do love my job, but there is something about this time of year that makes people start to go a little crazy, students and staff alike. This is a very welcome break and I fully intend to make the most out of every minute of it. I brought home a ton of school work and one of my goals is to not wait until the Sunday night before we go back to start it (that is a BIG goal). I also have to set up my gym schedule with my gym buddy. Since I started running again, I have felt great. And doing weights has been an added bonus too! I am just looking forward to some down time, when I can just do whatever I want. That is enough to make me happy.

Tonight we are headed to the boys' basketball game and then to a co-workers house for some laughs and some drinks. Tomorrow is going to be a bit busy as I have yet to buy Damien's gifts. At least now I know what I am going to get him (can't mention it here since he reads this daily-love you honey!) I want to hit the gym early, hit the stores early and then get ready for our fist Christmas Eve hosting at our new home. I guess it isn't that new anymore since we bought it in March but we haven't hosted a holiday yet so we are excited to do so. And then it's Christmas. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

green plaid jacket-hmmm I can't remember; it's old!
black ruffle shirt- Marshalls $15
gold necklace- F21 $4
skinny jeans- F21 $24
gold shoes- Marshalls $20

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