Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I realize that it is December and so therefore it should be cold outside, buy my god. I am freezing! I guess that is why I felt justified in wearing jeans today (although I still stand by my claim that if you can put a prefix onto the word jeans, grey-jeans, skinny-jeans, sailor-jeans, then they don't technically count as jeans.) Alright, so I know that is ridiculous but c'mon. I teach in a high school where sometimes we have heat in every room, sometimes we don't. And since we spent close to an hour outside last week due to a bomb threat and another hour and fifteen minutes locked-down, I figure anything is possible right now. So I am planning accordingly. I love this white blouse for a few reasons. I love the detail on the front and I really like the way that it fits. It has been one of my staples for awhile now. What are your staple items in your closets?

I am off now to see Pirate Radio. I don't know much about it but I love rock 'n roll and I love Philip Seymour Hoffman so I figure it should be good. My oldest brother is home from the Berkshires and we are surprising my mom by taking her out. Hope you all have a great night!

grey sweater- F21 $18
white blouse - F21 $15
grey jeans- Gap ?
brown/grey boots- F21 $22


  1. I thought you were wearing a blue sweater in the 1st pic then when I saw the 2nd, I thought is was a lighter shade of violet...the last pic confirmed the color... it's grey. Love this entire ensemble. Simple yet so chic.

    My wardrobe staples... huge oversized black top, shorts or mini skirts and tights.

  2. hi lady! love the outfit. very casual and cute :)

    thanks for visiting my blog today. appreciated your kind words. lool forward to seeing more casual and cute posts from you.

  3. hey there fellow teacher! thanks for stopping by my blog : ) cute outfits! it's always nice to see other fellow stylish teachers ; )

  4. Love the necklace! It's so pretty. I like the white shirt under the gray sweater too. It's the perfect detail.

  5. Wait, what is the prefix that goes before these jeans?


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