Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My new favorite color (to wear)

I have never been able to answer the question What is your favorite color? When someone asks me that, I generally respond with a question: In general? In nature? In this room? I mean, favorite, like out of all of them? And even if I do answer, I usually follow it with a disclaimer. You know, in case I change my mind in a little bit. But, I think I can honestly say, after doing my self-style shots for 5 months and seeing A LOT of pictures of myself, that this color, whatever it might be exactly, is my favorite color (to wear). It is just such a nice color and I always feel good in it. Does anyone else have a favorite color (to wear)?

black shrug- F21 $15
best color (to wear) blouse- F21 $15
grey tweed skirt- Target ?
black nylons- Walmart $5
gold shoes- Marshall's $20
gold bracelet- H&M
gold belt- ?


  1. Hi Sarah! I know that purple is your favorite color to wear. I've commented about that in one of your previous outfit posts.

    My favorite color to wear is too obvious in my outfit posts... black!!!

  2. Yay for fucshia! Did I spell that right? And yay for winning the give away--I must be lucky, lately! My email is Julia.Whicker@gmail.com. This is so awesome! I will make a post about what I buy, and of course thank you and mention your amazing blog! :)

  3. Love the blouse and skirt! Definitely a beautiful color to wear :)

  4. This color look soo goodon you!I love the blouse and how you combined it with the skirt!Very nice!xoxo


  5. i love this color on you too. i also love how you have your hair here.


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