Sunday, November 22, 2009

A well deserved weekend

This was one of those weekends that I love, no plans, no worries, just a wide-open weekend in which everything just seems to fall into place. I was actually feeling a little sick when I got home from work on Friday (I think it was just work) so I cancelled my shopping plans with my shopping buddy Lizzie and decided that a nap was in store. I used to nap all of the time, years ago, and I had gotten quite good at it. Lately, I have been a pretty poor napper because I generally never end up getting up. There have been many occasions in which I have laid down for a nap at say 4 in the afternoon and then it turns out that I just went to bed at 4 in the afternoon because there is no break in between the two! Or I nap for like 3 hours and then can't fall asleep later that night. But since it was a Friday and I had no where that I had to be, I napped. And it was wonderful. Damien was shooting another wedding and wasn't going to be home until 8:30 so I laid on the couch with the kitties and fell into a deep relaxing sleep. I ended up sleeping until around 7:30 which didn't really matter since it was Friday and I could go to sleep any time I wanted and sleep late the next day. Lizzie ended up coming over later on and we just hung out on the couch. I love those kind of nights.

Saturday started off with a cleaning frenzy. Our house was in dire need of some tlc and we have been so busy that it was starting to get a little cluttered. And we both hate clutter. So we cleaned, cleaned, cleaned for 2 hours straight. It helped that one of my closet friends who hadn't seen our place yet was coming over with her husband and 3 children so that Damien could do a photo shoot for them. That definitely gave us the motivation we needed. The shoot went well and it was so nice to see them. I had postponed my shopping trip with Lizzie til Saturday so it was off to the mall after that. I found some great stuff that I am super excited about. You will some of it in today's self-style pics. Saturday night we went to a friend's house to hang out with work friends. It was a blast. We drank beer and wine and played Hoopla for a few hours. It is always so nice to hang out with my work friends outside of work. We all get along so well and usually just spend the night laughing.

Today started off with grocery shopping, laundry and a short trip with my mom to get a few needed things for around the house. Then we had another photo shoot (senior pics) and now more laundry and relaxing on the couch. It was a nice, relaxing, well deserved weekend. Back to final exams tomorrow but a very short work week!!!! YAY. Enjoy your Monday :)

blue pleather jacket- Wet Seal $30
pink lace-top shirt- Wet Seal $16
dark skinny jeans- F21 $12
blue/white knit boots- Charlotte Russe (old $?)
thick brown belt
brown headband


  1. those boots look SOO comfy!!! i might have to be on the look for a pair for myself now... ps that pink is pretty on you.

  2. What a fun and relaxing weekend... that's my kind of weekend too... no plans, no pressures, no stress.

    You look so pretty in pink.

    Have a great week ahead. Hugs!

  3. Sounds like the PERFECT weekend! I love when things just fall into place! I'm loving your pink shirt with that hot motorcycle jacket!

  4. nice weekend:) love that pretty pink top!


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