Monday, November 23, 2009

A tearful Monday

One of the worst things about teaching is when one of your students cries. Especially ones that you really like. Well, today, I inadvertently made 3 kids cry. I wasn't mean to them or anything, I just had to responsibility, along with my co-advisor for Student Council, or letting them know whether or not they had been chosen to go to the annual 3 day State Conference in March. To them, this is a BIG deal. And we had to make the tough decision of which 16 kids could go. And the rest cried. And it was terrible. These are some of the best kids in our school and right in the middle of final exams....

So I am feeling sad for them and overwhelmed and stressed and many other emotions that all cause me to be exhausted. It was another late day at work and then the gym and then dinner (which my wonderful husband had waiting for me when I got home) and then a shower and now this and next bed. Not all that exciting, but I am really looking forward to a mini-vacation. Hurray for Monday being (almost) over!

raspberry headband- Walmart 6 for $3
denim dress- Charlotte Russe $24
raspberry tights- Target $5
moccasin booties- Marshalls


  1. I love all the raspberry in your outfit.

    That's the torture one has to go through with kids, when they cry, your world seems to fall apart. But they'll get over it fast, faster than we adults get over our own share of disappointments.

  2. It's nice to have a meal waiting for you after a hard day, gotta love men for that!!

  3. Aww those poor little kids! Everything seems like then end of the world at that age but they'll feel better in a few days. At least someone stylish told them!

  4. Aww that is so sweet of your husband! I am sorry you had a hard day, but hopefully the rest of the week will make up for it. On a positive note, your outfit is absolutely adorable! I love the raspberry tights with the denim dress- so cute!


  5. That's so sad!! It must've been so heartbreaking!

    At least you looked great! I love the pink tights!

  6. oh I am so sorry that you had a rough day! those poor kids, but I'm sure you told them as nicely as possible and kids are so resilient that they will be fine. teaching is tough!

    but as far as your outfit, I love the colorful tights! very pretty with the little headband on you!


  7. Sorry about the rough day but it sounds like you handled it in the best possible way.

    And you did it looking fabulous! I absolute adore that shade of denim!


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