Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tuesday, Tuesday

So this is what I wore to school yesterday. I am not doing a self-style shot today because I am leaving my house soon to go to a friend's house from work and hang out to celebrate our half-day of school and the end of the first trimester! Oh, and to start celebrating Thanksgiving too. I am not much of a Thanksgiving kind of girl. I mean, I don't eat turkey and I just have never been that into the holiday. (And let's be honest, it doesn't even begin to compare to Halloween!) I love seeing my family though and I love seeing friends around this long weekend. I actually have a very busy weekend and am super excited about it. Tomorrow morning is the football game, then Thanksgiving dinner with my mom and brothers, then just hanging out all night. Friday I have breakfast with my dad and brothers, lunch with high school friends, and then we are going to the Celtics game. Saturday is Damien's 10 year class reunion which should be fun. Sunday we have another senior picture photo shoot and then I am supposed to be having dinner with a few of my old students. And then we start new classes on Monday! So at some point, I guess I am supposed to find time to plan for this new trimester. Wish me luck! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with friends and family!!!!


  1. sounds like a busy weekend planned. have a nice time. you look cute:)

  2. Sarah, you look so adorable! I love that dress with the purple tights. Your weekend sounds great...I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving as well. :)


  3. I'm loving those purple tights. I think I need to get one already. This obsession is getting worst. hahaha!

  4. That dress is so pretty. The print is just so perfect, especially with the tights!

  5. That dress is great!
    Your living room is really cool also, i love the colors.

    Have a good long weekend!


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