Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday night lights

So we are off to another football game. Since we didn't go away this weekend, we are able to go and see the team play and Damien can get some more photos. It has been windy all day and the temp is dropping so I am dressing for the cold. I love night games but man do I freeze sometimes!

Today we spent the morning with my gram and then the afternoon shopping for Halloween decorations. We found a bunch of stuff, mainly carnival games that we can use at the party. I think it is coming together well and we have some really cool ideas. Can't wait to share them all with you and also to be able to post some pics.

Enjoy the long weekend!!!

Happy birthday Lizzie. I love you!

off-white knit hat- homemade (my aunt, I think)
grey turtleneck- F21 $10
grey/pink sweater vest- F21 $16
grey/pink plaid scarf- ?
skinny jeans- Charlotte Russe $20
black booties- Target $10 (clearance)
black long jacket- Target $40


  1. I love that hat... I was thinking to myself I should get one of those, then I scrolled down and realized your aunt knitted it! :D

  2. looking cute. i love the plaid with that argyle:)

  3. Thanks! I actually had forgotten about the hat and just recently found it again. I love it!

  4. Aww, home-knitted hats are the best. So warm!
    I love your outfit, especially the sleeveless jumper and scarf... the patterns seem to work well together in a quirky kind of way :)

  5. I love argyle and JUST NOW realized that I no longer own any. I'm going to make sure to fix that ASAP. Thanks. :0)

  6. girl you are so cute with your scarf and hat and coat! you look adorably cozy. perfect for another football game. that sweater vest is super cute and I love the clash of patterns between the scarf and the vest. great outfit! how did the halloween decoration shopping go?


  7. We found so much stuff for the party and all of the ideas are coming together great! Can't wait to put it all together and get some photos!!!


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