Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another event

I am going to keep this post short because I am exhausted and I need to go to bed. It has been a rough couple of days (I love you grammy) and I haven't really been home much. I did have to go to another Student Council event tonight. Tonight was a dinner for advisors and the president of each council in the state. It was a nice italian dinner and I definitely ate well. But I just got home a bit ago and had to do my self-style pics inside. As much as I love my house, I realized tonight that there isn't a great spot to take a picture of myself. But I did the best I could and even had a surprise appearance from one of my kitties, Prudence (and now I think that Billie Jean is jealous since she appears to be flipping out). So this is not what I wore to school today (I did wear the cutest Wonder Woman t-shirt) but instead my dinner attire. I apologize for not reading all of my favorite blogs the last couple of days. I will get caught up as soon as I can! I miss all my inspiration...

gold flower necklace- F21 $6
purple corduroy jacket- H&M $25
leopard print tank- H&M $10
skinny brown pants - Express $30
purple shoes- Target (clearance) $12


  1. Your purple shoes are to die for! And I know, it's difficult to take pictures inside without having your pets show up and intervene... my puppy loves to hang out where the action is!

  2. billy jean is probably just upset she hasn't seen me in so long. tell her not to worry, i'll be home in Dec and she can paw slap me just like old times. hope your weekend is better! miss you!

  3. Sorry to hear you are having a rough week. I hope you weekend is much, much better! :)

    Your outfit is super cute! I love the leopard shirt with the purple shoes. Very adorable!


  4. ooooh, my fave...purple and leopard:) you look great! oh, and your house...super cool


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