Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our home (oh, how I love thee)

Damien and I bought our first home together in late February. Well, half of a home, but it's a start. I guess it is considered more of a townhouse but, either way, it is ours. We are both madly in love with modern style homes, and we looked at a bunch of houses knowing that we would make whichever one we bought, totally and completely our own style. When we first saw this place, it was the opposite of what we wanted as far as the style inside of the home. The floor plan, however, was exactly what we wanted. Open with a 20 foot ceiling or so in the main living area. The kitchen was in good shape, with new stainless appliances and granite countertops (which we actually weren't fans of but they are growing on us). The kitchen cabinets were pretty terrible, formica which may have at one time been white, but had become an awful off-dingy-white with wood trim on the bottom. We figured with a little paint and some new hardware, we could make them nice. Paint quickly became our best friend, as we relied on it to transform this place into our home. We hired a friend who owns his own painting company to do a fair amount of the painting for us, mainly because we couldn't paint the high-ceiling room on our own. He did an outstanding job (let me know if anyone needs a painter in the central ma area!) and we did pretty well picking out the colors, I might add. Well, we had one paint blunder as we picked a color for our kitchen that could be seen throughout the neighborhood. We toned it down and ended up with a great apples and pears green kitchen. We also were able to furnish our entire home thanks to the $8000 first-time home buyers incentive. Also, a big thanks is due here to Ikea. Thank you Ikea, for having such cool stuff and for making it so I can afford them. I almost love shopping at Ikea as much as shopping for clothes. Almost. We moved in in mid-March and have been loving every minute of it. It is a 3 minute commute for me to work, which had been closer to 35 minutes previously. I am extremely involved at the high school that I work at and try to go to as many after school events as possible. Not to mention being Student Council advisor (!) which is extremely time consuming, and enjoyable. So, here are some photos of our home. We have a few rooms left to photograph so I will add them when we do. All photo credits go to Damien. Thanks for being so awesome honey.


  1. wow, what cool decorating. well done! love the colors.

  2. Thanks, it was so much fun picking everything out!!


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