Monday, August 24, 2009

Another busy weekend (30th birthdays galore)

As you know from yesterday's post, Friday night I survived a tornado (warning) and saw a kick-ass movie, Inglorious Basterds. Saturday was all about celebrating 30th birthdays. The first one that I went to was for my dear friend Patty. Her parents live up the street from me and they were throwing her a surprise-ish party. I say surprise-ish because they had changed their story so many times that she began to get a little suspicious. We had fun regardless and I got to see many friends from high school that I never see anymore. And....I got to wear this super cute outfit! I got the shirt at Forever 21 recently and the skirt is from there also, but at least a year old. I added the flower to give it a little color and I think it worked. Patty's party was during the day and then one of my best friends from college was having her birthday party in CT that evening. My other best friend Jamie and her husband Rob picked up Damien and I and we headed off for the evening. I ended up changing and re-wore the dress that I had picked up a few weeks ago at F21. Even though I LOVED the earlier outfit, I think the second dress was a little more night appropriate. I am reposting the picture from last week. Thanks for reading...


  1. two seriously cute outfits!

  2. cute outfits and great blog!

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  3. Thanks Missy. Can't wait to check your blog out!!!


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