Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tornado warning/Inglorious Basterds

I am petrified of tornados. Which honestly, hasn't ever really been a big deal since I live in New England. Yeah, I know Worcester had a tornado hit in 1953 but relative to other parts of the country (places that I could never ever live), I have always felt pretty safe from tornados. Until now. In the last month or so, there have been 2, yes 2, tornado warnings in my county.

The first one was mid-afternoon and I was in the car driving home. I generally listen to NPR or a CD (lately Silversun Pickups, holy great webpage!) but for whatever reason, I was flipping through the stations and heard the warning. I proceeded to call anyone and everyone to warn them, you know, in case they weren't listening. I then came home and put on the local network news, something else I never do, and sat glued to the TV until the warning passed. Oh yeah, and we had just watched, like the night before, the episode in Friday Night Lights when the tornado hits their town...

The second one was a bit different. Mainly because I didn't hear the warning until I was already in the car with my husband, driving to meet some friends to see Quentin Tarantino's new movie, Inglorious Basterds, which I will get to. (GO SEE IT. IT IS AWESOME)
Our conversation went something like this:

Damien: You hear there is a tornado warning?

Me: Where?

Damien: Here.

Me: WHAT???

Damien: Yeah, until 9pm.

Me: (silence)

Now I don't blame Damien for waiting to tell me until we were already on our way to the theater because he knows me well and knows that I probably wouldn't have left the house had I known. But it certainly didn't make me feel any better that while we were eating our delicious Veggie Burritos at Qdoba, the sky began to look like either a. a tornado was due to rip through the plaza at any moment or b. the apocalypse was coming. Either way, I was petrified. Our friend tried to convince us that the safest place for us to be would be in the movie theater but I know he just wanted to ensure that we actually saw the movie. Being the brave soul that I am, I grabbed my trusty point and shoot and went out to document the sky. I have never seen the sky look like this before. You can tell from the shots that the cloud line was very distinctive on one side but it actually looked like that on both sides. It was like a tunnel of clouds (not to be confused with a funnel because then I would have been out of there!)

We did end up seeing the movie and nothing ever came of the warning but nonetheless now I have to worry about tornados...

So like I said about Inglorious Basterds... Go see it. It is awesome. And let me know what you think.


  1. Man those clouds are crazy!!

    -Erin A.

  2. sarah, i lived in georgia when i was little and am afraid of them. your second pic made my stomach sink a little. i have nightmares about them too. like i see the funnel cloud and can't run fast enough. i bet freud would have something to say about that.

    also, i LOVED inglorious basterds! love all tarantino really. i wish hitler had actually died that way.

  3. Wow, D, not sure I would have survived childhood!!! Thanks for reading:)


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