Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weardrobe sessions-dinner with a friend

We tried to eat Japanese food tonight. We failed. One of my best friends said that he wanted sushi and suggested that we go to a Japanese restaurant about a half hour from our home town for an early dinner. I don't do sushi but I love Japanese food so I was psyched. Damien happens to work in that city and so he was going to meet us at the restaurant. As we were turning into the plaza, Damien called to say that he was already there, but no one else was. It was closed. So we all drove over to the other side of the city to try another Japanese restaurant. They were only serving sushi at that time. So we got in the car and drove across the street to a Vietnamese restaurant. It is a cute place and the food was good. I ordered the tofu curry and it was delish! I guess we'll have to do Japanese food another day. I was a little bummed because I brought my camera and wanted to get some shots of the chefs making the food. Next time.

I wore my go-to jean cutoffs with a yellow flower print shirt that I had picked up a few years ago at Forever 21. There was a period of time when everything in that store had some kind of floral print on it. The jacket is from Wet Seal, faux leather. The shoes are old too, Target I think, and had been out of commission for sometime as the soles had come off. Thanks to my mom and the local cobbler, they are as good as new! The aviators, Heritage 1981. Here are some shots, full length and detail.

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