Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rain rain, where are you?

So I thought it was going to rain today. Not sure why (it rained last night but I had the whole day planned around it raining). And it didn't. Not only did it not rain, but it was a pretty nice day. When Damien left this morning, he put on his sunglasses and I laughed, telling him of the coming rain and therefore, the non-necessity of sunglasses. He walked outside, came back in to report blue skies. Now we have windows in our house, but I guess I wasn't being all that observant. Why should I be when I know that it's going to rain?

I actually planned on not doing a self-style shot (rain) and even once it was nice out, still wasn't really feeling up for being in front of the camera. But when Damien got home, he told me that I looked really nice. He always says nice things like that, but it was just enough to get me out the door and in front of my camera. I only took a few picks but am glad that I did. I like this outfit and love the color of my new sweater vest. It only cost me $4! I got it at a great consignment shop at the Providence Place Mall called Second Time Around. You should check out their stuff, it is great and so affordable. And one of my students told me that I looked very fall today. I agreed. I think it is the perfect fall (rainy) day outfit.

tan plaid shirt- Walmart $10
orange sweater vest- thrifted $4
blue skinny cords- Delias $30
moccasins- Payless- $16


  1. this orange and plaid is great combo, perfect for the fall! you kinda remind me of amy poehler which is def a good thing...she's so cute!

  2. Thanks for visiting my little blog! It's so new I always get a lovely surprise when people comment. We are having a rainy day here in NZ - Spring is as changeable as Fall! x

  3. The shirt and vest are a great combo, and very fall.
    BTW you wedding photos below are just lovely!

  4. Your outfit is so cute!

    I LOVE moccasins!!


  5. pretty moccasin shoes! those are so cute looking, and probably comfy! Orange looks lovely on you, lucky since not eveyone can pull it off!



  6. i am laughing because last night since i am so addicted to checking out my fave blogs, i tried to comment on this cute look using an iphone on the way home from seeing u2 (i wasn't driving;). i see that it didn't work. i am so not tech savvy. anyway, i love this look. love the plaid with that orange. very cute for fall and even though it didn't rain.

  7. Such cute flats! I love those!

  8. I love sweater vests! "Geek chic" is one of my favorite styles, especially for fall. :)

  9. i love your brown mochasin shoes. <333

  10. i miss you! you look so cute! hope all is well! ...come visit :)


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