Thursday, September 17, 2009

Weardrobe sessions-Venture off of the front porch...

So I ventured off of my front porch this afternoon to do my self-style shot. It isn't that I think that the front porch shots are the best I can do as far as location. It started back in August when I first started my daily style shots. I wanted a place with a solid background color and I wanted it to be easy for me to access. Voila, I ended up shooting on the front porch. Then I started to like the look of all of my shots being there. My father-in-law commented on how I looked like a paper doll, with my outfit changing each time (thus my paper doll header). Plus, I live in a side-by-side townhouse and while we have a beautiful back yard, we happen to share it with the townhouse next to us and one of my students lives there. Don't get me wrong, we have wonderful neighbors and we love sharing our yard with them, but I can't help but feel a little awkward with my tripod and camera taking picture of myself, with anyone seeing me, let a lone one of my 15 year old males students (who is great!)

I still like the look of the front porch shots, but as I browse some of my favorite fashion blogs, I get a little jealous of all of the beautiful locations of people's self-style shots. Maybe jealous isn't the right word. I guess since I also love taking photos, and own a pretty decent digital SLR (Nikon D50) my point-and-shoot front porch shots make me, the photographer, feel subpar and like I am cheating me, the fashionista, out of some good, done-right photos. Not to mention the fact that I am married to a photographer.

So I did one shot today off of the trusty front porch and I am including it here. I didn't break out the digital SLR. Just a test today. I found a nice patch of grass in our side yard to try it out. I am going to try some different locations in the coming weeks. We'll see how it goes...

My F21 outfit, ha (I swear it's not the ONLY place I shop, just the only place I can consistently afford!)

faux black leather jacket- F21 $30
black shrug- F21 $18
black/white silhouette tank- F21 $12
white skinny jeans- Pac Sun $30
black.white checkered shoes- Old Navy $12
heart/lock/key necklace- F21 $5
black rose ring- F21 $3
black rose earrings- F21 $3


  1. georgeous! love the design on your tank

  2. I hear you about the photo locations! I'm so jealous of the cobbled city streets and the deep forests that people use for their photographs. The wind and grey sky has forced me to shoot inside lately, but other than that, it's me with my wood fence. :0( Boring! And people can never see my shoes since they're hidden by the grass, usually.

    In other news, I love those jeans!

  3. REALLY love those shoes and jacket!


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