Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Weardrobe sessions-09.16.09

I am being lazy with my titles because I just fought with my computer for the last 45 minutes trying to do my previous post. Embedding videos from Youtube should not be that difficult (It isn't). Now I am done fighting with my computer (didn't look good for me for a while) and ready to do my daily self-style post. So here it is. Nothing too special today. The weather report said it would be cool and cloudy. It was cool and cloudy. I worked until 5:15 so by the time I got home, not only was it cool and cloudy but also just starting to get a little bit dark. Honestly, that is the worst part of the winter. I mean, the obvious worst part of the winter is the fact that it is winter, but besides that, it's the fact that it gets dark so freakin early. The cold I can almost handle. It is a great excuse for boots, leggings, jackets, scarves, hats, you know, all the cute stuff that sits in our closets all summer. The snow, well, it is pretty. And I love to snowboard so that makes it enjoyable. But, the fact the by the dead of winter it is dark by 4:30, that has to go. I would rather it get light at like 9:00am if that meant that we could have a few more hours of daylight at the end of the day, once work is over with. So let's just change it. Can't be that big of a deal, right?

straw fedora- F21 $12
faux dark brown jacket- F21 $30
pink sweater- F21 $18
denim shirt- F21 $4 (clearance)
tan pants- Gap $30
blue shoes- Target $8 (clearance)
fake pearl necklace- F21 $4
scarf- I honestly don't remember!


  1. i agree! let's change it. i hate winter. it feels like it just draaaaaaaags. the trees look dead, i get sick, my hands and feet are always cold. ugh.

    i love the colors in your outfit. love how the scarf ties it all together...pun intended. har har.

  2. Love the second pic. you look really good in that fedora! I envy those who suit for me.

  3. Thanks Linda, I go through hat phases. I am in one now.

  4. i love this outfit and all the many takes on it. sososo cute! thanks for sending me a link from my blog...i'm gonna follow you now :)

    except your long blonde hair makes me a teensy bit jealous!

  5. Thanks Carly. Ha, I've been thinking of going brunette for a while now but haven't had the guts to do it!


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