Friday, September 18, 2009

Weardrobe sessions-Backyard

So I did it. I took all of my pictures today in my backyard. Wasn't that bad after all. I found a spot barely visible to anyone else and it had a great little patch of sunlight. I really like the way the pictures came out and I was able to be a little more creative. Now I need it to stay nice and green for awhile...

I met my best friend last night and we went on a shopping binge. I don't know what got into me. I just fell in love with everything, some she didn't necessarily agree with but hey, I have to wear them! We did most of our shopping at H&M and then we had to stop at Forever 21, of course. I found my outfit for a friend's wedding in December (can we say faux fur leopard jacket!) and most of my Halloween outfit (Circus theme this year! I am a tightrope walker and I found the best sequin leggings at H&M). Of course, I found a few other pieces here and there that I will work into my wardrobe. Like today...

purple corduroy blazer- H&M $35
grey/black leopard print shirt- H&M $13
dark skinny jeans -F21 $12
grey boots- F21 $20


  1. The outfit looks great. I wore my matching shirt today, with a blue cardigan, black suit blazer, the raspberry scarf we got last night, dark jeans and brown boots. Also wore the new hoop earrings. Both of my male coworkers commented on how nice I looked :) Can't wait for you to come to my house and help me make some more fun combinations out of the stuff already in my closet. Without your help I just make boring choices! Love ya, mean it.

  2. Look, apparently I can make comments from my work version of Firefox! Yay!

  3. Nice outfit and blog. I REALLY like the header of your blog!

  4. Haha, your h&m leggings are going to be your Halloween outfit. I just bought them too, no idea why... how the hell am I going to wear them? suggestions? (besides as costume...)

  5. haha I talked about those sequin leggings on my blog a little while back. I love them!

    Yeah for circus halloween parties!!!

    I really like that purple color with your hair color! ( I wish I had blonde hair sometimes!)

  6. Leopard print and purple? LOVE it! You look fab.

  7. @Zabby- Can't wait to explore your closet...

    @L.T.- Thanks for the comment. I'm excited to read your blog!

    @myedit- Well, I didn't completely JUST buy them as part of the costume. They are perfect for Halloween, but I'll also wear them as many times as I can. I'm thinking under the great dress I just bought at F21 but I'll have to see. I'll post pics once I figure it out. Let me know if you get any great ideas!

    @Jen- Ha, I am so completely jealous of your hair that you better not change a thing. I have been wanting to go brunette for so long but have been blonde my whole life. I feel like my identity would be lost, ha. Plus, YOU HAVE THE BEST BANGS. Another on my to do list!

    @Christen-Thanks so much :)

  8. Love this outfit!! That shirt is so great... and I want your boots!! You look fabulous!! =)

  9. sequin leggings?!?? That's hot!!! Would love to have some of those in my closet. I love your outfit here! The animal print and the purple jacket look so good together! HOpe you have a great weekend!

  10. Finally...another teacher who doesn't want to wear school buses and crocs to work!!

    You look great!

  11. Ha, I know. Also be sure to check out
    She was my inspiration!

  12. i absolutely love animal print mixed with purple!

  13. Thanks, yeah, it was a great shopping night. I felt like everything just worked together.


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