Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weardrobe sessions-the last days of summer (first days of fall?)

As you can see from the title of the post today (referring to yesterday's outfit and post that I didn't do) it now is fall. Just like that, summer left and I am sitting on my couch with socks, jeans, shirt and fleece on wishing that I had some firewood to start our first fire of the year (first fire in our new home!). But we don't have any firewood so a blanket will have to do. I was so excited to report that our central air was fixed the other day but... I guess it's not such a big deal now. I am not sure if fall is here to stay or just visiting for a bit but it is always nice those first couple of days of a new season to get to wear things you haven't been able to for a while. So today (well, yesterday) I wore my favorite pair of skinny jeans from F21. I love the color and they fit me well, very comfortable with a bit of stretch to them. I wore it with a great plaid shirt that I picked up at Walmart (yes, Walmart) and I know Jen from jenloveskev has a similar one that she posted earlier in the week. It is super cute and cheap! I had picked up these faux cowboy boots a few seasons ago at Kohls or Target on clearance for 4 bucks I think and I really love them. They are fake leather (obviously) and I have been loving them all summer long. It was the perfect outfit for the end-of-summer beginning-of-fall day!


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