Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another 30th birthday

So last summer was the summer of weddings (and the fall of weddings too, since we were married last October). I remember people a bit older than me telling me that there would come a point in my life in which I was going to be attending MANY weddings in a short period of time. And that point in my life came last year and it was a blast. I mean, we still have weddings to go to but not at the rate that we had last year. What people a bit older than me forgot to mention was that there would also be a a point in my life in which I was going to be attending MANY 30th birthday parties. Maybe they didn't mention it because it is pretty obvious and there is a set date ahead of time in which one knows that they will turn 30. The surprise isn't there like it is when you say, get engaged and choose a wedding date. And I am not complaining. I love parties. And I love my friends so what better way to spend a weekend summer night (or 5 or 6 weekend summer nights) than with your friends celebrating the fact that you are no longer in your 20s. For my 30th, last January, Damien had a masquerade ball for me (ok, I had my hand in it but he did all the decorating!) I had so much fun and we all wore masks (and by we all I mean some people, ha) and had a 5 hour playlist of awesome music. Like I said, I love parties and love dressing up even more (wait til I start my Halloween posts, oh god do I LOVE Halloween).

So this summer has most certainly been the summer of 30th birthday parties. And they have ranged from a night at a beach house in Narragansett with the girls to a night out in the North End in Boston to dinner at a Afghani restaurant (wow, is that good food) to a family BBQ to a night out in CT to most recently, last night, a night at the casino. I have been friends with Jaclyn since we were in 2nd grade and at times, we have been inseparable. We fell out of touch for a bit but have become great friends again the past few years and it is so wonderful to be in each others' lives again. So when her mom called up to see if Damien and I could join them for a night at Twin Rivers, I was delighted. It was a great way to end summer vacation, good friends, good food, good drinks and a goodbye to her 20s.

I chose this outfit since I wasn't sure what the temp would be in the casino. The lace tank, black tank and shrug are all F21, this season. The leggings and fringe boots are from Target (I have to admit that I ended up changing boots but didn't take a new photo! I have a great pair of black merrill boots that I will feature soon, I promise). I also wore the faux black biker jacket from F21 since it was raining. All in all, a fun outfit on a fun night.


  1. glad you had fun. cute outfit and looking forward to scoping out your other boots.

  2. Thanks D, I actually wore the other boots tonight so I should be posting them tomorrow.


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