Thursday, August 27, 2009

Weardrobe sessions-the last days of summer

For whatever reason, I am feeling blah today. Can't quite put my finger on it. I did my daily self-portrait shoot and then decided I wanted to try and do a shoot for the new weardrobe contest. This week's theme is first day of school, which I thought would be the perfect one to enter into since in less than 4 days it will be for me, in fact, the first day of school. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, since I have started doing my self-portrait pictures, I have used the same backdrop for every one of them (minus the ones Damien did of me, but those wouldn't be self-portraits now would they?). It isn't the most glamorous place to take a picture in front of but it is convenient and I think it actually works. But, my idea for this contest was to take my picture in my classroom, you know, the real deal.

Obstacle number one was picking an outfit that I liked, and I know that this may sound silly, but one that I hadn't worn before (c'mon, we all love back-to-school shopping!) The only thing is that I have worn most of my back-to-school clothes already....Ok, I have enough clothes in my closet(s) that I should be able to whip something together that I like and haven't worn too many times. So I did, and funny, cause I saw my mom prior to doing the photo shoot and she said, "oh, I like your outfit." I wasn't completely feeling it but you know what they say, mother knows best.

This brings me to my next obstacle. Getting into my classroom without running into a million people asking me what I was doing with a tripod and an apple (cute prop, I thought). I don't know what it is but I'm not comfortable telling people what I am doing while I am doing my self-portrait shots. Dame doesn't count either. I just feel silly telling people, "oh, yeah, I am taking a picture of myself so I can write about it and share it on the internet with whomever cares to read it." Ha, it even feels funny to type it. So I did manage to get into school with minimal contact with anyone and then up into my classroom where I proceeded to lock my door. I set up my tripod and did a test shot and I guess what it comes down to is the fact that classrooms just aren't that flattering. I mean, florescent lights, ugly rugs and just all around kinda ugly. (I did spend over a week painting mine this summer but it just doesn't pay off in pictures). So I tried for a good 30 minutes or so to get a good shot, not even a great shot, and I think I failed. I just look kinda funny in all of them. And, to be honest, I'm not feeling that outfit either. I mean, I think I have better ones.

So this post is not going to have any of my contest shots for pictures. Instead, as promised, here is my 4th last days of summer outfit. We are having friends over tonight, all of my teacher friends, in fact, for one last hoorah before we start next Monday. So I am casual again, LEI plaid shirt, polo jean cutoffs I made yesterday, and some cute shoes from Payless that I got years ago. They are very comfy tan loafers and I of course bought them in green too.

Oh and by the way, Damien just called and I told him about my failed photo shoot so he suggested that we go off for a bit together and try again. Just an example of why he rocks my world.

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