Monday, August 17, 2009

A very busy weekend (Saturday and Sunday)

The weekend continued for us with a great trip to Chuck E Cheese's with our niece Jayde. We went on the early side and played for close to 3 hours with her. She had such a great time and so did we! I can see why parents bring their children there, since it was a pretty inexpensive afternoon and Jayde got to play with some other children...

Sunday was the annual golf tournament that my family puts on in memory of my grandfather. It started years ago, actually while my grampy was still alive, and Damien and I have been playing in it for the past couple of years. Neither one of us is a true golfer, but we have fun and I love trying to put together an outfit to suit the day. It was HOT to say the least but I still was able to find something golfy and fun to wear.


  1. Oh U golf wow! My hubby enjoys golfing very, I haven't tried it. btw thanx 4 ur visit & comment on my blog! ;-)


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