Monday, August 17, 2009

Photography-Long exposures

There is something about nighttime that is way cooler than daytime. I don't mean temperature wise, although I guess that is true too. I mean that when it is dark out, all of your other senses are heightened. You hear things differently and things feel different when you touch them. And once your eyes adjust, you see things so differently. It is great to use your camera in the dark too. Unfortunately, many people think that if they want to take a picture in the dark, that they can simply use an on-camera flash and the picture will come out just like they are seeing it. Don't get me wrong, flashes are great in the dark to take a picture of something a few feet away from you and to black out nearly everything else. But if you want to capture a landscape or view in the dark, flashes are not going to do the trick. Instead you need to take a long exposure shot. This means that your shutter will stay open longer. It is best used with a tripod so that your camera stays still long enough to capture the image. Of course long exposures do not look exactly how your eyes are seeing but nonetheless they are pretty freakin cool.

Check out the rest of my long exposures on my flickr page under the long exposure set.


  1. Thanks! They are a lot of fun to do, especially in the nice weather.

  2. Your pictures are very cool! I would like to follow you...but how?

  3. Thanks Linda! I just added a followers gadget to my blog so I am hoping that works. Let me know and I will play around with it if it doesn't. Thanks again...


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