Saturday, April 26, 2014


Starting sometime in middle school, we began our annual field trip to Old Sturbridge Village.  Every year we boarded the big yellow school bus for the 45 minute drive that put us 150 years into the past.  I know our teachers had the best intentions but as a middle-schooler, it never really had much of an effect on me.  Sure it was cool to run around and explore the grounds but I certainly didn't get it.  And for that reason, I had not been back since.  Fast-forward 25 years and the prospect of being 175 years in the past is not only fascinating, it's intoxicating.  I have always loved living in New England, the seasons, the proximity to other states, the history that surrounds us, each one of these things has kept me here as an adult.  Damien had never been to Sturbridge Village so after a recommendation from someone, we thought it would be the perfect family field trip on Friday.  We couldn't have picked a better day to go and this time, I got it.  Set over 200 acres, we truly were transported back in time.  Of course Max didn't get it.  But, he did get a full afternoon of running around with his mom and dad, exploring houses, buildings, woods, and rivers and he felt the love that we both have for our history.  And lucky for him, just like that big yellow school bus, we'll be back.   

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