Friday, January 31, 2014

A trip to the library

We spent last Sunday out in western MA for the closing of my brother's photography show.  He did a series of photos of mills, rivers and bridges that hung at the Stockbridge library all month.  He didn't want to do an opening since it fell so close to the holidays so this fit.  I had never been in a library after hours but I can tell you it is as cool as it sounds.  Especially this one.  Old rooms, old walls, old charm.  Max fell in love with one room in particular so we camped out around the children's rug, reading through some newly discovered books.  We also ran a little in the non-fiction/reference area which, too,  is as cool as it sounds.  Damien was trying out the new Fuji camera and we are both pretty in love with it.  Here's a peek into our day.

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