Sunday, December 1, 2013

The sweet moments

We bought our Christmas tree today.  It is small, barely 6 feet and fits nicely into our living room.  Since we really do not have a lot of space, and no extra space, we had to do a little rearranging to get it to work.  But it does and we spent the afternoon decorating.  Truth be told, the pictures only capture the pleasant moments of decorating.  They don't capture the lights not working, Max picking up each ornament and either throwing it back into the box or spinning it on the dining room table, me waiting for each one to break.  They don't capture Max deciding halfway through that he didn't want to decorate anymore.  They don't capture those moments because in those moments, the camera gets put down and life happens.  So instead, here are the sweet moments.  Max's amazement with our tree.  Hanging that first ornament.  Putting the tree topper on.  Those other moments happen often but here, I want to focus on these moments.  The sweet moments.

These stockings were my family's.  My mom doesn't hang stockings anymore so I took 3 of them to hang in our home.  Max gets the snowman, which was my dad's.  Damien and I switch off on the other two.  

Each year, Max gets an ornament on Christmas.  His first Christmas, he got a ray gun.  Next, a rocket ship.  Last year, a pair of Chucks.  I love this tradition and plan on keeping up with it each year.

I grew up with white lights.  Damien, colored ones.  We have had colored lights since we starting having a tree together, nearly 10 years ago. Our ornaments are 50s style and this year, I wanted to try white lights with them.  Damien wasn't too convinced to start but the tree looks great.

I hope everyone has more sweet moments than those other moments this coming holiday season...


  1. Hello! Can you tell me when you got the pillows on your couch? Thanks so much!


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