Thursday, August 15, 2013

The lake house


This past weekend was full of adventures.  It started with a family sleepover in Boston at my best friend's house, a grownup dinner in Providence the next night with friends, and finally a second family sleepover at my brother's house in the Berkshires.  These pictures are from western MA.  If Damien and I ever leave our current town, we are heading out to live near one of my two brothers, either Burlington, VT or Great Barrington, MA.  Each time we visit either place, there is such a feeling of comfortability and familiarness that I've only ever felt in my hometown.  

My brother and his girlfriend have lived in this lake house for a few years now.  I hope they never leave.  It is just so relaxing here, so beautiful and so fits the lifestyle we want to live.  There is good food, good music, good creativity all around at all times.  

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