Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Great Gatsby Style

On Friday night, I got all dressed up and attended my very first Great Gatsby party.  It was ladies only, at my best friend's parents' house and most of the ladies in attendance were dressed the part.  It was a beautiful evening and it was wonderful being surrounded by so many great women, my mom included.  Damien and Max made a special appearance so he could take some photos of the event.

Since I tend to keep things over the years, I had all of the pieces necessary for my costume.  It didn't take too much to put this look together and I am hoping I get invited to another Great Gatsby party soon!


  1. wow, looks like you guys had a blast!!! what a great house in the background .... it is for perfect and fitting for the evening!!
    Jess Cause Blog

    1. It was a blast! and it is the perfect house. thanks:)


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