Thursday, July 18, 2013

Let's talk cars: Best in Show- GTI

I was never much of a car person.  My dad had sold Subarus for a number of years and prior to that, as a family, we always had Hondas (although my first car was an awesome '88 Saab, thanks mom and dad!)  When I bought my first car, I bought a Subaru.  It was a practical car, a Forester, but it had no power and the gas mileage was pretty poor.  Damien is a bit of a car buff and we used to go to a fair number of car shows to see what was out there.  I would judge the cars completely superficially, you know, if it looked good and was comfy.  At the end, I would always name a Best in Show.  At one such show, I spotted the car of my dreams.  A Volkswagen GTI.  It was seriously the best looking car I had seen (that I could ever conceivably afford).  And everything about it was perfect as well.  Good gas mileage, lots of power, awesome interior, a great looking front end and small and compact but very, very comfy.  From that moment on, I knew that was the car that I wanted to own.  Damien's grandfather had owned one years and years ago so it didn't take much convincing on his part.  He had wanted one for as long as he could remember.  It took us a few years but we ended up with the exact car that I wanted, a white, six speed, 4 door, GTI, with a moonroof and plaid bucket seats.  We bought it five years ago (we actually bought an '08 but now have an '09, a long story) and it is still like a new car to me.  It is so fun to drive and again, even though it is a compact car, it is roomy. We are up one family member since we made our purchase and to be honest, this car fits our family perfectly.  We do have a second VW (a TDI Sportwagen) which is slightly bigger but not nearly as fun to drive (I'll have another post on that one at a later date).  Five years later, the GTI is still Best in Show.

*Being married to a car buff means having multiple photo shoots of our cars.  Or anyone's cars.  If you are looking for a car photo shoot, let me know!

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