Monday, November 5, 2012

Maxamorphosis part 2- Halloween night 2012

Last Wednesday morning started off like most.  My alarm went off at 6.  I was up, dressed and ready to leave the house by 7.  I was in my classroom teaching by 7:30 and at 9:45, I checked my phone to be sure that Max's daycare or Damien hadn't texted.  And there before me, was one of the all-time best pictures of Max that I had ever seen.  It was in that instant that once again, Max's Halloween costume was transformed.  I had told Damien the night before that Max needed to wear a costume to school the next day.  We didn't want him wearing the one we had made him (the astronaut turned Luke Skywalker) since I wasn't sure it would survive the day and I didn't have a back up for Halloween night.  Damien takes his role of dressing Max each morning very seriously and headed into his closet to find something festive for him to wear.  And that's when he saw it.  The size 2 silk chinese pajamas that a friend had brought home from China especially for Max.  Max was all for it and just like that, he became the karate kid.

Our plan was to change him into his Luke Skywalker costume to head out trick-or-treating but he wouldn't have it.  He loved his new costume so much.  My dad made a quick visit and then we were on the road to my mom's neighborhood to meet our friends for an hour of trick-or-treating.  It's pretty amazing what a year will do because Max was so excited to go to each house.  He yelled Happy Halloween as he went up to each door.  He also loved saying trick-or-treat and of course his favorite phrase, thank you.  He had no fear, even at some very scary houses.  It was a nice night but we got cold fairly quickly, plus the children were beat.  Max got a good amount of candy (and unbeknownst to him) didn't get to eat any of it.  He was such a good sport even throughout all of his costume changes.  I have a feeling he will follow in his mother's and father's footsteps in his love for Halloween.

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