Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween- The Prom

Man, I don't even know where to start.  I kind of feel like I did when I was a kid on Christmas morning, right after I had opened all of my presents and I realized that I was as far away from the next Christmas as I could possibly be.  All of the excitement that went into the anticipation was gone and I was left wanting more.  Except that now I am an adult and I'm not talking about presents.  Or Christmas for that matter.  I'm talking about Halloween.  More specifically this year, Prom.  Each year, I feel like we couldn't possibly have as much fun as we did the year before.  I worry no one will dress up for the party.  Or worse, that no one will show up.  I worry that the decorations will wind up looking like StoneHenge from This is Spinal Tap and our playlist will be a flop.  And every year I am pleasantly surprised.  People do show up.  They even dress up.  Our decorations look great and people are dancing.  And we have fun. This year was no exception.

Our theme is usually born the day after the party, so the idea of Prom is about a year old.  We knew we wanted it to be pretty open ended- 80s prom, 50s prom, dead prom, whatever.  We like to have a theme but also it's nice to see what people come up with.  Our musts were balloons, streamers and a photo booth.  The wood paneling was just an added bonus.  We ended up with 50-60 people, 4 hours of dancing and 248 photos.  All in all, a good night.  Here are just a few photos from the night.  Since most of us there have jobs and want to keep them, the rest of the photos will be for your eyes only.  Let me know and I will get you the link to view the whole album.  And mark your calendars for next year...Medieval Times.

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