Monday, July 30, 2012

Worth the wait - from pedestal to closet

I never was much of an online shopper.  I would look and look but I could never seem to pull the trigger.  I hated dealing with returns (I kind of hate dealing with mail/the post office in general, weird irrational fear) and I never knew what size to get.  Then two things happened.  I had a baby.  I discovered Modcloth.  Not exactly in that order but having a baby led to many late night ordering sessions of clothing that I longed to fit in again (I also longed for any excuse to get dressed).  One of the items that I did purchase all those months ago (23 to be exact) was this beautiful dress from, you guessed it, Modcloth.  Unfortunately, I did have to face my fear of the post office and returns as I got  the wrong size but it was easy as pie and I ended up with this beauty.  So here is my confession:  As much as I loved the dress, I have never worn it.  I would try it on, dress it up, but I would always hang it back up, keeping it virginal for some time longer.  I never found the right time to wear it.  It felt too much for work, too little for a wedding.  I wanted to wear it around the house, as I vacuumed up a storm and slaved for hours over home-cooked meals only to greet my husband in it when he got home from work, but I am not a 50s housewife, as much as this dress makes me feel so.

Then, a few weeks ago, Damien wanted to do a photo shoot.  With lights.  And props.  We do photo shoots all of the time, but let's be honest, I am usually the one in charge.  I tell him where I want to go.  What kinds of pictures I want.  I have been known to veto a shoot or completely change it half-way through.  This one was different.  This one was for him.  For his portfolio.   He was in charge.  I chose a few outfits, did my hair and makeup, and the rest was up to him.  He chose the location.  He chose the lighting.  He chose the shots.  And he did an awesome job.  These are some of my favorite style pictures that I have ever posted on my blog.  Best of all, I think that this dress finally got the debut that it deserved.  Now it won't seem that hard to wear again.  I can take it down off of its pedestal and hang it in my closet for good.

pink belt- off old shirt
handbag- vintage (my mom's)
pink shoes- Charlotte Russe (old)


  1. everything about this post is fantastic!!! love the look, the lighting is stunning .... everything!!!

  2. These are absolutely GORGEOUS, Sarah!

  3. The photos and the locations display Damien's talent and your chic just right....Tara


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